Tapping Into the Power of a Positive Campaign: A Thank You to All My Supporters


The numbers are in: I started out with a base of 500 in Malibu that I felt would seriously consider supporting this positive change, and each have their own strong reach of friends and family. I received an email from a friend who said 235 people emailed her saying they voted for me…but Margo Lane, from our steering committee, was there overseeing the votes all afternoon and evening…and nothing looked questionable. It was not enough. Though small, I think our 10% Love Malibu group gave voice to a group who hopes to unify Malibu on our common ground, or at least bring a harmonic tune, and bridge our divides in Malibu. We taped into the power of a positive campaign in our community. If we add this to the LP14 team’s 38%, we are (almost!) at a winning combination.

I ran because on a deep level, as a mother, I felt an irresistible propulsion to elevate the interaction and conversation, soften the polarity and polarizing forces in our community, be a voice of reason and magnetize change. In my mind, I hope I was able to bring out a voter who, along with our Malibu’s Vision and Mission Statement (MVMS), also stands for a healthy dynamic in Malibu.

Yet this election has been a game changer for Malibu’s future. So many great things can come out of this election. Our community is more aware of key issues to Malibu’s future. The MVMS is rightfully back in discussions as a cornerstone of our city’s policy; there is greater awareness of not only the toxicity in our schools, but also in all of our consumptive habits; and Malibu’s unique character is front and center with momentum for the proposed “Your Malibu, Your Decision” Act by Rob Reiner. The use of pesticides (think: rodenticides!) and fertilizers at our Malibu Schools switched to Earth Friendly Management (and coincidentally, like the 100th monkey Pepperdine also switched their practices last week!). Point Dume had a well attended “town meeting like” last candidates forum.

In hindsight I wish there was more of an opportunity to awaken our community to the crime against nature of further developing the ESHA at Bluff’s park. I wish SMMUSD District would be a better neighbor to Malibu Park and sign a compromise agreement in perpetuity with the lights so that the appeal to the Coastal Commission would be dropped, improving the relationship between the neighbors and the school, and the BB Measure building for our schools could begin, ultimately strengthening our local school system and so our community.

At the end of the day, it is all about the kids, and role modeling positive leadership for them; role modeling healthy communication instead of bullying at MHS, and leadership skills that give them skills not only for healthy family and community but also the ability to lead our planet in a more positive direction. I am not saying that I think I am a master at these skills, I am just saying that, because I of my kids and tribe, I felt it was my duty, my dharma, to stand for this in our community; to attempt to activate the power of love as a political force, focusing on the issues in hopes to bring about meaningful conversations and proactive solutions; and role modeling decorum and respectful communications even when we are furious with each other.

Thank you for all of your contributions to this campaign. Together WE are agents of change.

Welcome to June Louks for Malibu City Council 2014

This is our Malibu – unique in rural character, natural beauty, and strong in community – but most importantly, our home. Let’s keep Malibu, Malibu. The people of Malibu must act as responsible custodians of the area’s natural resources for present and future generations. Yet our current city council has been drifting from Malibu’s Vision and Mission Statement. With one million square feet of commercial development in our planning department, the time is ripe to come together, strengthen our community voice, and vote to protect what we love most about Malibu.

As a graduate from the University of California Berkeley, from the college of Environmental Design in Architecture, I am passionate about protecting our environment and have a solid grasp of building community spaces and building codes. As a mother and community builder, I am transparent, tenacious and trustworthy, and in alignment with our Vision and Mission. I have no hidden financial interests. I am a decision-maker and I will use my voice to represent you. I will bring responsible leadership back to our City Council where I will work to innovate locally and constructively collaborate.

We can be the nose riders of sustainability for global sustainability and planetary healing. I will follow your lead. I love Malibu, and I am here to follow Malibu’s General Plan, Vision and Mission Statements. Please click on the platforms: Protect Rural Character, Safeguard Our Environment  and Strengthen Our Community Voice above for more information and Video Endorsements to see our family, friends, and neighbors!

With Love,
June Louks, Candidate 2014

John C. McGinley Video Endorsement

Nanette Bercu's Endorsement